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Getting There

Gizo Hotel

The Western Province is by far the most popular destination for tourists who choose to travel to the Solomon Islands. The town of Gizo is the only truly Westernised, tourist orientated town in the Province. Gizo is situated beside the island's only sea port and is only a five minute boat ride away from Solomon Airline's domestic airport which offers daily flights connecting to the country's capital, Honiara. The flight from the capital takes about one and a half hours.

History/ Culture

Gizo HotelGhizo contains much of the Western Province's World War II history with many well preserved American and Japanese war relics still visible on the land and in its waters. Some of the main shops in the township of Gizo are even war relics, being operated out of abandoned American aircraft hangers. Gizo offers a rich, friendly culture and educational visits to numerous sacred areas can be arranged. To this day, local islanders are famous for producing exquisite, traditionally themed carvings from wood and stone.

Ocean Activities

Reef and wreck dive sites are located conveniently close to Gizo and are known as some of the best in the world. These include:

  • Famous Kennedy Island
  • Japanese transport ship the Toa Maru
  • Tokyo MARU 11
  • An American Hellcat Fighter Plane
  • Petaj Fighter Plane
  • An American Corsair Fighter Plane
  • A Japanese Float Plane
  • A Japanese Zero Fighter
  • Manta Point and Nusa Aghana Beach
  • Secret Spot
  • Joes Wall
  • Olasana Island Safari Reef
  • Naru Island Gap and Wall
  • One Tree Island
  • Hot Spot
  • Yellow Corner
  • Hoppa's Garden
  • Dazza'a Knob
  • Tukula Pinnacle
  • Big Dip
  • Grand Central Station

Visibility is usually upward of 20 meters and water temperature 28C.

Game fishing around Gizo continues to be something that impresses even the most experienced anglers. Marlin, spanish mackerel, sailfish, mahi-mahi, dogtooth tuna, wahoo, dorado, bass, yellowfin tuna, giant trevally and much more abound in Gizo's waters.

Surfing is also possible near the Gizo Hotel. Great breaks can be found off two traditionally thatched villages on the island as well as the nearby Despretes break, Makuti Island and off the sacred Skull Island. The best time for surf is between November and April.

Land Activities

Gizo Hotel

Throughout the year the climate in the Western Province is temperate and does not often fluctuate from between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. Tropical rainforest covers lower areas of Ghizo Island and exotic forms of flora and fauna are abundant, making hiking and bird watching excursions popular activities for locals and tourists alike. The people here are friendly and happy to share their culture and stories with visitors. One winding coral road runs around the edge of the entire island, meandering between traditional thatched villages and picturesque beaches. In every direction, small deserted islands are visible, the perfect setting for picnicking and snorkelling daytrips... or even a honeymoon. From the Gizo Hotel's vantage point, the islands are backed by the magnificent extinct volcano Kolombangara. The possibilities are endless when exploring all the wonders the Western Province has to offer.

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Gizo Hotel Gizo HotelGizo HotelGizo HotelGizo HotelGizo Hotel